New Moon Graphics is about communication.

Communication happens on two levels: the overt and tacit levels. The overt level involves the choice of images and words that directly state your services and mission. The tacit level involves the cues we take unconsciously as to what sort of business we are dealing with when we see a logo, design piece or website. We like to design items that work effectively on both levels. True sales is not coercion or deception, but an honest communication of what you have to offer and getting that message to the clientele who would benefit from that service or product. New Moon takes who you are and communicates that visually to the world.

As the lead designer, Clif Edwards has always been obsessed with the visual world. From macrophotography to cloud patterns, Clif loves the colors and balances of the world and how that relates to design. Ultimately an ad, a website or a logo is a communication, to help find the customers who will benefit and appreciate your business. New Moon Graphics is your partner in that process.